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Let's be honest. Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they are excited about their product or service. The hours they put in turning their vision into a reality tend to fly by...mainly because those hours build their business, not someone else's. It's the American dream. Unfortunately for some, keeping the books can turn that dream into a nightmare. Let me take the headache out of being self employed and give you the freedom to do what you so best...build your business. Click here to contact me today or call (727) 692-2304 and begin enjoying your business again tomorrow.


Financial Consulting: In order to succeed and grow your business it is important to have financial information that is current and helpful, not tedious, meaningless numbers. I can help you organize your information, set up a system that you can maintain, or simply provide you with completed financial statements. Has it been a while since you've had “structured” books for your business? Not a problem. I can get you caught up and then keep you there all for less than you would imagine.

Quickbooks: Many of my clients find that Quickbooks is an effective financial management tool for their business. If you use Quickbooks or want to get started, I can help with the set up, review what you have done, or simply answer some questions. Many small businesses that buy Quickbooks become disenchanted by the complexity of the possibilities or get stuck in the details. I can work with you to set up the parameters of the program to best meet your needs. I can reconcile your accounts on a regular basis and provide personalized reports based on your individual needs.

Tax Compliance: Every business needs to work within government guidelines. Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Tax Reporting can be tedious and time consuming. I can help with all of your Sales Tax, Payroll Tax, Property Tax and Income Tax requirements.


I am a CPA specializing in meeting the accounting needs of the Small Business community of Tampa Bay. I am able to offer my clients individualized attention at a fair rate. I have been in accounting for over 20 years and have worked with a variety of companies, from the very large like Monster.com to the very small, like our local swim team. I enjoy working with people committed to their business, regardless of the scope of their operation, and hope you will consider me for your accounting needs. Please feel free to contact me and get the peace of mind of having an experienced professional on your team (727) 433-2842.

Email: Sue Francis                     Phone: (727) 433-2842